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Investing and saving can start at any age. Here at Marchwood IFA we understand that if you are putting money aside, you are keen to invest in your future. Perhaps too; you are preparing a safety net in case of an unexpected event. Whatever your motivation for investing; we can help you to judge where and how to invest your money for an efficient return. Our investment experts can assess your existing income and cash flow requirements. They can steer you through complex regulation to find the most tax-efficient investment product for you; be it cash ISAs, stocks and shares ISAs, government or corporate bonds, investment trusts, or investments in open-ended investment companies.

If the last sentence left you befuddled, let us unravel investments for you.

Invest in your future…


How we consult with you

Our expert investment advisors will meet you and analyse your financial goals, existing income and cash flow requirements. Investing can start at any age. Your current life-stage and future plans form an important part of our assessment. We will also gauge your attitude to risk, and what your requirements are regarding accessing funds should you need to. We will time-line your financial plans with you.

After consulting with you we will make recommendations to ensure that all of your investments are managed in the most tax-efficient and productive way. We may also recommend that you remove your money from certain investments where they are underperforming. We will consider all of your income sources and existing investments, including but not limited to your pension, ISA and investment structure, assets and savings. We can arrange the implementation of an investment plan; or explain how you can put the plan in motion yourself. We have carried out extensive due diligence to select reliable partners who understand the needs of our clients as well as we do.

Once your plan is underway, we will put in place a structured review process. This involves regular updates to check that your plan is still heading in the right direction and that your lifestyle and needs have not changed. We will automatically update your plan for any significant life changes such as; the birth of a child, marriage, divorce or retirement.


If you are looking for access to the whole marketplace, attention to detail, confidentiality and a professional and personal approach, then I have no hesitation in recommending Hamish and other members of his team as your one-stop financial support team.


How we charge

At the start of the consultation process, we will provide you with a breakdown of our charges and services. You are in control of what our investment advice will cost you; we will talk through charges prior to giving any fee bearing advice. Whilst discussing costs we will provide an illustration of the investments that we recommend for you. There are two ways that you can settle our fee, on invoice or by monthly payments.

Ours is a personal service: We will keep you informed and respond immediately to any questions they you may have about your investments or the economic environment.

We encourage an open dialogue. We want to develop a clear understanding of your financial aspirations so that we can build a plan that suits your exact requirements. We are office based, on the end of a phone and able to respond quickly to emails. We want you to understand why we make investment recommendations to you and to feel in control of your financial planning. and to understand what we are doing for you.

Our approach for each client is bespoke. We consider the broadest possible range of financial planning options to meet their needs including flexibility to adapt to different market environments. We are clear thinking and independent-minded.