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It is never too soon to plan for retirement or for a first pension. As independent, expert pension specialists, we can access a full range of pension and draw-down providers. We understand how precious later-life is; and we want to work with you to help you enjoy it to the full. So, whether you are appraising your existing pension and retirement plan, evaluating defined contributions draw-down calculations, or hoping to choose your first pension, we can help you weigh up options.

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How we consult with you

We start by getting to understand your lifestyle and financial goals. Part of this process is assessing your time horizon – including your future plans; your attitude to risk, and your cash flow requirements. We will then consider your current financial arrangements; salaries, existing pensions, savings and investments. We will combine both evaluations and create a long-term financial plan. The new later-life plan will outline in plain English, the actions that you need to take to put your plan into practice.

If you are taking out a new pension, we will plan for your needs and match them up with the right provider. We will also take into account your risk profile and long-term objectives.

Once your pension is on track, we will then put in place a structured review process. This involves regular updates to check that your pension is still heading in the right direction and that your life-stage needs have not changed. We will automatically update your plan allowing for any major life changes such as: the birth of a child, marriage, divorce or a change of employment.

At all times we tailor the service that we provide to your personal requirements, making sure that we catch the life events that can change financial circumstances.

We are always on the end of a phone and will respond speedily to emails. Ultimately; we want to put you at the helm of your financial plan, safe in the knowledge that we are keeping things ship-shape for you. Ours is a personal service. We keep you informed and respond immediately to any questions that you may have about your personal investments, or the wider economic environment.


Most helpful and patient in explaining his advice and recommendation.



…professional, knowledgeable and honest…will always seek out every piece of information in order to build the right advice.



Richard helped us make sense of the latest legislation and how it impacted on our retirement plans, enabling us to plan a more financially secure retirement.


How we charge

We want you to be in full control of the cost of any chargeable financial advice that we give you. At the start of the consultation process we will provide a breakdown of costs that relate to the pension advice and services that we provide. We will talk you through our charges prior to giving any advice, or services that could incur a cost. We charge variable fees for the pension advice and services that we provide. We offer alternative ways to pay; monthly, or on presentation of an invoice.

We are independent-minded and clear thinking. Our approach for each client is bespoke. We consider the broadest possible range of financial planning options to meet our clients’ needs and also to adapt to changing market environments. We encourage an open dialogue with all of our clients. We want to develop a clear understanding of financial aspirations so we can build a plan that suits our clients’ exact requirements.