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Repayment mortgages are the only method of paying your mortgage that guarantee; that the mortgage will be paid in full at the end of the mortgage term. Each mortgage payment is made up of both ‘capital and interest’. Our expert mortgage advisors can advise you on the most appropriate repayment method for your mortgage and; they can help you calculate how much you can afford to borrow. We have access to the whole of the mortgage market.  Because we are not tied to specific lenders we can uncover fresh options for you.

Open the door to new mortgage options with us…


How we consult with you

Our office-based service is all about delivering high quality advice and information at times to suit you. We are always available to update you and answer your questions quickly and easily. Most of our clients are happy to contact us during normal office hours but where this is not possible, we are always able to find a suitable time. We never meet some of our clients face to face because it suits them to conduct all dealings over the telephone and via email.

We pride ourselves on being very responsive to our clients’ needs.

We start with a discussion that helps us to understand your circumstances and requirements. After that we are able to start providing information on products that would be suitable for you. We normally do this via email. Whether you require an update on rates or an urgent decision in principle, we are on hand to help. If our customers are at the beginning of a property search our dialogue could continue for several months.

Finding the right mortgage product is one thing but getting a mortgage offer is altogether different. And this is where we really add value. When dealing with banks and lenders this is not always straightforward. We collect everything required from you and liaise on your behalf until the mortgage offer is produced. Our sole objective is to get you what you want in the most painless way possible.

Whether you wish to refinance an existing mortgage, are buying a new home, or an investment property; we have the skills, tools and experience to help.


I have never used an IFA before and, I suspect like many people, was daunted by the erroneous belief that it would be an expensive service to use. It was a delight to find your modest fees were in fact taken care of by the building society. To me you were an expert and free service! Top marks for everything you did.



I was really impressed by the speed and quality with which my mortgage application was handled. You were very flexible and helpful throughout the process. Highly recommended!



Marchwood has done an excellent job for me as they have researched the market to meet my requirements, explained clearly the features of each mortgage and made recommendations. They have helped me with buy to let and main residence mortgages. The have ultimately saved me a lot of money and the provider paid them a commission so their services were at no cost to me. I highly recommend them.



… always on call to answer any questions I had. A very painless experience, will definitely use again when I come to re-mortgage.


How we charge - no unnecessary fees

Some firms take the view that the only way to get high quality service is to pay for it. We disagree and do our best to provide the best possible service without the need to charge any additional fees. Our experience tells us that our clients use other services we offer and recommend us to friends and colleagues, which helps us to grow our business through recommendation.

On occasion it is necessary for us to charge a fee for our professional services alongside the commission paid by the lender. This is normally because the mortgage loan is too small to generate sufficient commission or because the complexity of the mortgage finance merits the additional fee. Typically; this fee can range from £195 to £495. The fee will be discussed and agreed with you from the moment we start work on your behalf.

For most mortgages we arrange we rely solely on the commission paid to us by the lender and charge no fees to you whatsoever. This commission is declared in all the illustrations we produce and typically ranges from 0.30% to 0.45% of the mortgage loan.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up mortgage payments.