5 reasons to choose an independent mortgage advisor

1. Using an advisor saves you time and hassle. Applying for and being offered a suitable mortgage at a competitive rate can be quite a saga. Recent changes in regulations mean that lenders must follow strict processes to make sure that you have can afford to repay the debt. Arranging your mortgage will be handled on a day to day basis by your advisor so you will not have to deal with banks’ call centres or spend time filling in online forms.

2. Using an advisor gives you access to experience and expertise. Comparison websites and ‘best buy’ tables do not reflect the wide range of factors involved in a mortgage that affect its overall cost; an advisor will assess all of the variables and recommend the right lender and the right deal for you.

3. Using an advisor gives you access to the whole of the market. High street lenders can generally only offer a mortgage from their own range and can be relatively inflexible on lending criteria, rates and fees.

4. Using an advisor means you stay in control of the house-buying process. It can be quite intimidating to have to negotiate your own way through a mortgage application, especially if you are also trying to buy a property. A mortgage advisor will tell you what deadlines you need to hit to arrange your finance so that the property’s vendor knows your offer is the one to accept.

5. Using an advisor gives you independent advice. Whilst you can do some research online yourself, an independent, fully qualified mortgage advisor can help you decide whether you need a fixed, variable, discounted or tracker rate, depending on your individual requirements. He can help you to work out the best way to repay the mortgage; capital and interest repayment or interest only, using pensions, investments and other assets.