UK taxpayers to waste £4.7 billion in tax


As the end of this tax year – 5th April 2014 – draws ever closer, have you made the most of your tax allowances?

Recent research by industry experts,, has revealed that a quite shocking amount of money is wasted every year because of inefficient tax-planning: a total of £4.7 billion!

That works out at £161 tax wasted by each individual taxpayer.

Despite this significant sum per person, the research found that 77% of people have done nothing to reduce their tax waste this year, with 62% admitting that they wouldn’t be confident in tackling their tax waste without the help of a professional adviser.

The key figures on UK tax wastage in 2014

Pensions tax relief waste

4.4 million UK adults are currently in employment not saving into a pension and not making use of their pension tax allowance from the government resulting in £2.9 billion in tax relief set to remain unused this year.

ISA tax relief waste

49 million UK bank account holders are set to waste a combined total of more than £1.1 billion by not moving their money into tax-efficient ISAs.

Inheritance tax waste

£530 million wasted in inheritance tax (IHT) by individuals not placing life protection policies ‘under trust’

Capital gains tax waste

£154 million in unnecessary capital gains tax (CGT) payments this tax year

What should you do to minimise your tax wastage?

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